Commercial Refrigeration Videos

Watch the Danfoss Online Video Course Series on Commercial Refrigeration. Be sure to watch all videos to gain a basic understanding of Danfoss Commercial Refrigeration.

What is glide and the resulting consequences for the superheat setting
In the coming decades, old refrigerants will be replaced with newer, more sustainable refrigerants. To reduce both global warming potential (GWP) and ozone depletion potential (ODP), refrigerants are sometimes mixed together to create blends — an example being R407F, which consists of three different refrigerants. Due to the different boiling and condensation points of the blended refrigerants, some complications and considerations arise. Watch the video for a full explanation of glide and what should be done about it.
Danfoss Learning – Cold Room Training Program
Learn about Cold Rooms, HACCP and its principles, Cooling Load Calculation, and Danfoss solutions for Cold Rooms.
How to generate an EcoDesign report from Coolselector®2

Now its possible to generate an EcoDesign report from Coolselector®2 so that you can attach an EcoDesign report to your quotation. Select the right condensing unit in the Coolselector®2 software and easily generate the EcoDesign report. Watch the video to learn how.

Better Food Preservation with Danfoss Solutions for Cold Rooms

1/3 of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted. Cold chain preservation to secure food safety is not an option but an obligation and is another crucial aspect of the global food demand. Danfoss solutions for cold rooms help keep the food fresh and safe for consumption and therefore contribute to reducing food loss and waste.

Danfoss Optyma™ Plus INVERTER Condensing Unit – Capacity Modulation in a Simple and Adaptive Package

Discover all the benefits of Danfoss Inverter Condensing Unit. Optyma™ Plus INVERTER delivers the best SEPR and energy efficiency on the market for refrigeration applications in medium temperatures for cooling capacities ranging from 2 to 9 kW.

Coolselector®2 – Professional Calculation and Selection Tool from Danfoss Cool
Coolselector®2 offers market-leading simplicity and professional ease in the system design process of all commercial and industrial refrigeration projects. A unique tool that truly makes the complex simple. One software for all your selection and calculation needs.
ETS Colibri® – the NEW electric expansion valves

The new ETS Colibri® is a completely new type of electric expansion device. Perfectly designed to save time and money in advanced chillers and heat pumps, this all-new product will make your air conditioning system even more competitive.

Danfoss Refrigeration Controls – Introducing the new generation of ERC

Cutting overall total cost levels; the ERC Refrigeration Controls meets the requirements of todays advanced commercial applications. The ERC refrigeration controls are perfect for bottle coolers, stainless steel fridges and freezers, beer coolers, light supermarket applications and many others.

Danfoss Micro Channel Heat Exchangers

Micro Channel Heat Exchangers are changing the way we look at cooling. It is all about the heat transfer taking place in A/C and cooling systems where the Heat Exchanger plays a key role. Danfoss Micro Channel Heat Exchangers enable significant energy consumption reductions and improvements in the environmental performance thanks to the maximised heat transfer.

Danfoss Micro Plate Heat Exchangers Introduction
Watch the Danfoss Micro Plate Heat Exchangers Introduction.