Installation Guide Videos

Watch the Danfoss Online Video Course Series on Installation Guides to learn how to correctly install certain Danfoss Products.

How to Install a Condensing Unit with Danfoss
Watch this overview for everything you need to know in order to replace a failed condensing unit with a new Danfoss Optyma™ condensing unit. In this video, we go over proper preparation and execution, including planning how the new suction and liquid lines will align with the new condensing unit and the basics of performing a standing pressure test.
How to Install a Danfoss Light Commercial Compressor
Watch this overview for everything you need to know to replace a failed light commercial compressor with a Danfoss one. In this video, we go over proper planning techniques, including how the new compressor’s wiring and suction and exhaust ports will line up with the old unit.
Danfoss ERC 213 Quick Start Guide
This step-by-step video leads you through the basic setup of a Danfoss ERC 213 electronic refrigeration control including mounting, wiring and programming the temperature and differential settings. The ERC 213 is a universal replacement for commercial refrigerators, freezers, and more.
TR6 Thermostatic Expansion Valve Installations

In this video, we review how to complete a typical installation of a Danfoss TR6 thermostatic expansion valve. We cover disconnecting the liquid line, brazing the outlet fitting, and installing both the temperature sensing bulb and equalisation line.