Heat exchangers training videos

Watch the Engineering Mindset Online Video Course Series on Heat Exchangers. Be sure to watch all videos in the series to gain a basic understanding of Heat Exchangers.
Plate Heat Exchanger, how it works – working principle
In this video we learn how a plate heat exchanger works, covering the basics and working principles of operation.
Micro Plate Heat Exchanger (MPHE) – How they work, working principle
In this video we will be taking a look at how Micro Plate Heat Exchangers work, as well as their applications within chillers, heat pumps and heat recovery systems for the condenser and evaporator. These types of heat exchanger come in both gasket plate heat exchanger and brazed plate heat exchanger.
Plate Heat Exchanger Applications and working principle
In this video we will be looking at the different types of plate heat exchangers to understand how they works as well as where they are used. This video covers gasket plate heat exchangers, brazed plate heat exchangers, welded plate heat exchanger and also Micro Channel heat exchangers.