Refrigeration & HVAC training videos

Watch the Engineering Mindset Online Video Course Series on Refrigeration and Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Be sure to watch all 4 videos to gain a basic understanding of Refrigeration and HVAC.

Refrigerant Retrofit Guide
In this video we look at how and why to retrofit your system to the next generation, low GWP and environmentally friendly refrigerants. We look at why to retrofit, what to check, which refrigerant to choose and how to retrofit.
Refrigerant Types, Issues and Future
In this video we will be learning the basic types of refrigerants, their history and future, as well what impact they have had on our environment. Covering CFC, HCFC, HFC, HFO, Carbon dioxide, ammonia, CH, ozone layer depletion and greenhouse gases.
Refrigerants – How they work in HVAC systems
In this video we will be learning how refrigerants work in HVAC systems such as refrigerators, air- and water-cooled chillers, as well as split air conditioning units. The refrigerant removes heat from the building and transfers it into the ambient outside air to produce air-conditioning.
Refrigeration Design Software – Coolselector 2
In this video we will be reviewing the refrigeration design software Coolselector 2 built by the industry experts, Danfoss. This software is completely free and is packed full of tools in an easy and well-illustrated user interface. It can be used for retrofitting components such as compressors, expansion valves, pressure and relief vales and more.