MACS Cool is proud to be associated with the well-known Italian company, ERRECOM, by being one of their official distributors in Southern Africa.

Since 2001, ERRECOM has worked on developing new solutions to the problem of refrigerant gases leaks from air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. ERRECOM was born from an intuition of Luca Ronga, who was able to recognise a market with a great potential for development in a sector that was still relatively unknown in Italy.

MACS Cool stocks various ERRECOM products and we are proud to introduce the ULTRA Range of products shortly.


Are you interested in learning more on the ERRECOM Product lines? Have a look at 3 Video Playlists on various ERRECOM Products.


Have a look at the Refrigeration Lubricants Leaflet for HVAC.


Brilliant Set (TTAC-DY-015)

What is it?

Brilliant Set is a universal kit for HVAC&R that contains everything needed to introduce the leak detector dye and locate the leak.

Kit includes:
  • 250-350ml self-measure bottle of Brilliant or Green Brilliant.
  • Stickers – 50ml refillable syringe injector.
  • 120mm 1/4 SAE adapter with one-way valve.
  • 120mm 5/16 SAE adapter (R410a) with one-way valve.
  • 9 LED UV leak detector lamp.
  • Goggles: 100% anti-UV protection.
Errecom UV Googles

Yellow Safety Glasses (UV Goggles) (TTUV-SG-001)

Mini Torch and Goggles Kit

Mini Bright Torch Set (TTAC-DY-010)

What is it?

Brilliant Set is a universal kit for HVAC&R that contains everything needed to introduce the leak detector dye and locate the leak.

How does it work?

Inspect all Air-conditioning systems components; in the presence of leak detector dye, this will fluoresce.

Technical Features:
  • Power supply: 3 battery “AAA” of 1.5 V.
  • Goggles: 100% anti-UV protection.
  • LED wavelength: 410-405 nm.
  • Aluminium body.
Errecom Mini Bright Torch
SMart Tester

Smart Tester for R410a & R32 (TTAC-PRESSTEST-410)

What is it?

Smart Tester is an incredibly easy and innovative way to quickly verify the gas level in a small Air-conditioning or refrigeration system and where necessary introduce sufficient refrigerant to top the system up to the correct level of refrigerant gas.

Technical Features:
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Plastic case.
  • 68mm Ø Gauge.

Brilliant Remover 400ml Can (TTAC-DY-REMOVER) / 100ml Spray Bottle (TTAC-DY-CLEAN)

What is it?

Brilliant Remover is a cleaner to remove any trace of leak detector dye.

How does it work?

Brilliant Remover must be directly sprayed on the residues of leak detector dye; thanks to its special formulation, it removes any trace.

  • Avoids any subsequent false localisation of leaks.

Acid-Test (TTAC-AT-001)

What is it?

Acid-Test is an essential product to locate the presence and the formation of acid inside HVAC&R systems. The use of Acid-Test is a very important step in a regular preventative maintenance and provides a fast and accurate method to detect the presence of acid into lubricants.

  • Works with all lubricants (POE – ABZ – PAO – PAG – PVE – Mineral).
  • Accurate results in seconds and easy to use.
  • Biodegradable and Non-flammable.
  • Non-toxic and Non-hazardous.
  • Inexpensive (especially compared to laboratory acid tests).
  • The plastic box contains 4 TESTS.
Errecom SMOKI

Smoki (TTAC-ET-004)

What is it?

Smoki is a special nanotechnology chemical product formulated to eliminate the smell of cigarette and tobacco from cockpits.

How does it work?

Total release spray can to be placed at the centre of the contaminated cockpit; before performing the treatment, close doors and windows and leave the room. Ventilate the space thoroughly before re-entering.

SealUp (TTAC-SS-010)

What is it?

SealUp is a joint sealant for Air-conditioning systems that forms a chemically resistant film over the threads. It remains flexible, adheres to internal surfaces filing all micro voids.

  • Prevents Leaks.
  • Allows the reopening of joints.
  • Easily Removable.
Errecom SMOKI

SAE Plastic Straight Adapter (TTAD-031 – 1/4) / for R410a (TTAD-034 – 5/16)

Completely Plastic.
For Cartridge and Push & Fill Systems.
One-way valve.
Length of the adapter: 30mm.

1/4 – 5/16 SAE Adapter (TTAD-14516)

SAE Plastic Flex Adapter (TTAD-029 – 1/4) / (TTAD-030 – 5/16) / (TTIN-DY-004)

Completely Plastic.
For Cartridge and Push & Fill Systems.
One-way valve.
Length of the adapter: 60mm.

EXTREME Sealant/Leak Stop for R134a & R22 Systems Aerosol Can (TTAC-SS-001)

Errecom POE 32


The polyol esters (POE) are characterised by the excellent lubricity and reduced solubility. These features allow the usage of low-viscosity lubricants with hydrocarbons. POE lubricants are used in HVAC&R.

Available in 1 Litre (POE 32) (34 FL. OZ.) Container and 5 Litre (POE 32) (1.32 GAL) Container.


Available in 1 Litre (POE 68) (34 FL. OZ.) Container and 5 Litre (POE 68) (1.32 GAL) Container.

TTRL-EO-001 – Ester Oil 1 Litre, Viscosity = 100

Have a look at the POE Lubricants Leaflet and the POE Fact Sheet for more information.

Errecom Vacuum Pump Oil


1 Litre (34 FL. OZ.) Container.

Flushing Tank with Gun (TTAC-FL-GUN-1)

What is it?

Economical Air-conditioning flushing equipment.

Ball valve.
1/4” Female connection.
Volume: 1 Litre.
Length of hose: 60cm.

Errecom Leak Testing Gauges

Leak Testing Gauges (TTAC-LT-001) / (TTAC-LT-002)

Ball valve.
0.8mm gauge, class 1.0, defined sectors,
position indicator and calibration screw.
Green or black protective rubber gauge.

Errecom Oil Testing Guard


With Oil Guard it is possible to verify the quality and miscibility of the oil inside Air-conditioning systems.


    • Maximum capacity: 20ml.
    • Maximum working temperature: 50°C.
    • Maximum working pressure: 20 Bar.
    • Type of connection: 1/4 – 5/16.
Errecom Flushing Gun

Flush Gun with hose and ball valve (TTAC-FL-GUN-2), Flushing Fluid 600ml with thread (TTAC-FL-001) / with cone (TTAC-FL-002)

What is it?

BELNET AEROSOL is the most direct, safe and simple solution to flush small Refrigeration Lines and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System Components.

How does it work?

The Aerosol can is highly pressurised with CO2 to powerfully propel the BELNET flushing fluid at speed. Application is with either the special Flushing Gun/Hose or directly with the special Rubber Cone.



  • Ready to use.
  • High flushing pressure 8-9 Bar (116-130 psi).
  • High pressure until empty – 3 Bar (43.5 psi) at the last drop!
  • No need for additional equipment.
  • Treatment to be followed with Nitrogen gas flush.

Acid Alkaline Cleaner for Condensers in Tablet (TTAC-SB-003)

What is it?

ACID TABS is an effervescent tablet. When diluted in 5 litres of water, ACID TABS becomes an acid cleaner for condensers. Its specific action is against calcareous, saline scales as well as smog and excrement. ACID TABS is therefore the ideal product for all those condensers located in seaside places or high polluted ones.

– Pack of 18 tablets – each tablet to be diluted in 5L water.

Alkaline Cleaner for Condensers in Tablet (TTAC-CT-001)

What is it?

KINO TABS is an effervescent tablet that diluted in 5 litres of water generates an alkaline cleaner for condensers, able to remove severe dirt.

– Pack of 18 tablets – each tablet to be diluted in 5L water.

Drain Tablets for Condensate Drain in Split and Fan-Coil – No Biocide (TTAC-SB-004)

What is it?

DRAIN TABS is a product specifically developed for the use inside Fan-Coils and condensate collection trays. It prevents and eliminates the putrefaction process and the formation of algae, mucilage, slime and moulds that risk to clog and block condensate drain pipes of Air-conditioning systems. It is sufficient to place the TAB inside the condensate drain duct of the fan-coil inside the condensate collection tray of the split in the farthest point from the drainage discharge. The efficacy of the treatment depends on the use of the Air-Conditioning system, but it is normally of 1 or 2 tablets every 15/20 days for units up to 12.000 btu/h (3 kW – 1 Tons). Pack of 18 tablets.



  • Eliminates the putrefaction process of the condensate.
  • Eliminates the formation of algae, mucilage and moulds.
  • Prevents the clogging of condensate drain pipes.

Extreme Leak Stop for AC/R Systems (TTAC-SS-011) / (TTAC-SS-012) / (TTAC-SS-013) / (TTAC-SS-014) / (TTAC-SS-015)

What is it?

Extreme is an essential product to solve all problems related to small refrigerant gas leaks occurring in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration systems.

How does it work?

Extreme locates the refrigerant gas leak and permanently seals it, not reacting with humidity and oxygen. Extreme repairs leaks with a maximum dimension of 0.3mm.



  • Permanently seals refrigerant gas leaks.
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases, including CFC, HFC and HCFC.
  • Visible to any UV lamp.
  • Significantly reduces compressor noise.
  • Polymer-free.
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance.
  • Doesn’t clog the compressor.
  • Doesn’t clog refrigeration system components.

Trace Brilliant (TTAC-DY-005-REF) / (TTAC-DY-011) / (TTAC-DY-004-REF)

What is it?

Trace Brilliant is a highly concentrated red dye for safe, fast and precise detection of refrigerant gas leaks from Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

How does it work?

Trace Brilliant will locate the leaks even through ice and frost. Formulated with POE lubricant, it is compatible with all refrigerant lubricants and gases, including all CFC’s, HFC’s and HCFC’s.



  • Leaks show as bright red stains.
  • Visible even through ice and frost.
  • Non-volatile and will not sludge or deposit gum.
  • Precisely locate refrigerant gas leaks, no false positives.

Extreme Leak Stop for AC/R Systems (TTAC-SS-011) / (TTAC-SS-012) / (TTAC-SS-013) / (TTAC-SS-014) / (TTAC-SS-015)

What is it?

Brilliant HVAC&R is a fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye that provides safe, fast and precise detection of small Refrigerant Gas leaks from Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

How does it work?

With Brilliant HVAC&R installed the dye will fluoresce under illumination with a UV lamp wherever there is a refrigerant leak.



  • Precisely locate refrigerant gas leaks.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Visible to any UV light.
  • Ideal for preventative purposes.
  • Includes advice stickers.
  • Will not clog the system.

Extreme Ultra – Ultimate Leak Stop (TTAC-SS-018)

What is it?

Extreme Ultra is an ultimate Leak sealant that solves all the problems related to small refrigerant gas leaks in Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

– 1x 6ml cartridge



  • New advanced formula and less product in the system.
  • Permanently seals refrigerant Gas leaks and 1/4 & 5/16 SAE adapters included.
  • 6ml dose can treats AC/R systems up to 21 kW (6 Tons).
  • 9ml dose can treats AC/R systems up to 32 kW (9 Tons).
  • 12ml dose can treats AC/R systems up to 45 kW (12 Tons).
  • It doesn’t clog the refrigerant system and the recovery unit components either.
  • Polymer-free, Non-reactive to humidity and air.
  • Visible to any UV lamp.
  • Not flammable, Not irritant, Safe for the operator.
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases (CFC, HFC and HCFC, including R32).
  • Significantly reduces compressor noise.
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance.

Specific Leak Stop for R600 – R290 Refrigeration Systems (TTAC-SS-017)

What is it?

Extreme White is an essential product specifically formulated to solve all problems related to small refrigerant gas leaks occurring in refrigeration systems with R600 – R290 refrigerant gas.

*1/4 SAE adapter included. – 6x 12ml cartridge

No-Acid – Acid Neutralising Additive (TTRD-002)

What is it?

No-Acid is a neutraliser able to completely eliminate residues of acid present in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, to prevent compressor burnout. – 1x 12ml cartridge



  • Completely eliminates acid from Air-conditioning and refrigeration system.
  • Neutralises possible acid residues caused by compressor burnout.
  • Neutralises acids introduced by recovery units.
  • Safe with all system components.
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance.
  • Fast and immediate effect.

External Putti Leak Stop (TTAC-SS-016)

What is it?

External is a leak-stop to be applied externally on refrigeration and air conditioning systems components.



  • Recommended for applications with flammable refrigerant gases (for example: R600 – R290).
  • It can be used on metal components of the system such as copper, alluminum and steel.
  • It can be used on thermoplastic tubing.
  • It resists mineral lubricants, POE, PAG, PAO and alkyl benzene.
  • It resists refrigerant gases CFC, HFC, HCFC, CO2, R32 and R1234yf included.
  • It is resistant to flushing liquids, Chlorinated ones included.
  • It resists to a temperature range from -100°C up to + 270°C.

Super Dry – Anti-Moisture (TTRD-001)

What is it?

Super-Dry is a dehydrating additive able to prevent the formation of moisture in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

– 1x 12ml cartridge



  • Effective in all systems regardless of size.
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases – including CFC, HFC and HCFC and compatible with all lubricants.
  • Once introduced inside the refrigerant gas, mixes with it, not affecting its features and circulates throughout the system.
  • Safe for all gaskets and internal refrigeration system components and Methanol free.
  • Does not affect the power and the performance of the system.
  • Free from solid particles.
  • Helps preventing the formation of acid.

Green Brilliant – 250ml Bottle (TTAC-DY-005G)

How does it work?

Green Brilliant has to be introduced in the vehicle Air-conditioning system; at the leak point the product will get out and stand out when lit by a UV lamp.



  • Precisely locates refrigerant gas leaks.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Conforms to SAE J2297.
  • Visible to any UV lamp.
  • Includes advice stickers.
  • Does not clog Air-Conditioning System or Recovery units.

Yellow Brilliant – UV DYE 250ml (8.5 OZ) Dispensing Bottle (TTAC-DY-005)

Yellow Brilliant goes with the HVAC&R Brilliant.

3 Piece Hose Sets

DAN297049 – 1/2 ACME Connections 200cm

DAN297050 – 1/4 SAE Connections 200cm

Intermediate Ball Valves

DAN297058 – 1/4 SAE Connection – Red Hose 200cm

DAN097059 – 1/4 SAE Connection – Blue Hose 200cm

DAN297060 – 1/4 SAE Connection – Yellow Hose 200cm


For more than five years ERRECOM has been working on Research and Development to transform most of their Additives for Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Systems into low-dose technologies called “ULTRA”. The 6ml dose of an ULTRA Additive has been designed to be used in all vehicle air-conditioning systems or in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems up to 21kW (6 Tons).

This innovation represents a real turning point for OEMs and maintenance workers in the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems market. Now more additives can be added at the same time into the same system allowing them to act more quickly and economically on various problems that can occur in these systems.

ERRECOM’s mission is to make the maintenance of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems as easy, fast and inexpensive as possible. ULTRA Additives perfectly embody the need to intervene on Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Systems with more than one solution at a time.

Have a look at the ERRECOM You Tube Channel for videos on all of their products.


Leak Stop for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

EXTREME ULTRA is a leak stop which represents the evolution of Extreme, with a higher effectiveness that has allowed the reduction of the dosage to be used within the plant. Specifically designed to permanently repair micro leaks both in rubber and metal parts of a system, EXTREME ULTRA guarantees the total reparation of leaks up to 0.3mm. Its mechanical action works in affinity with the plant materials without giving place to any kind of chemical reaction. EXTREME ULTRA is polymer free: this means it is not reactive to oxygen and moisture. It is suitable for any type of lubricant and refrigerant gas. While designing it, a particular attention was paid to the new ecological refrigerant gases R1234yf, R1234ze.

EXTREME ULTRA has been widely tested on many models of compressors to ensure the normal operation and the absence of damage risk. Furthermore it has been shown that there is a reduction of the compressor noise. Similar evidence were found in the interaction with the recovery station that is neither clogged nor damaged. The nature of the EXTREME ULTRA particles, was thought to be similar to the lubricant and refrigerant gases. EXTREME ULTRA does not stop inside the drier filter and does not accumulate in the expansion valve. Its action is completed when the system runs again. The required time for definitely solving the loss depends on its size and shape.

Instructions for the use of EXTREME ULTRA
  1. Turn the air conditioning on and set the lowest temperature.
  2. Locate the charging port of the system and connect the cartridge.
  3. Pump down the refrigerant in the external unit.
  4. Introduce EXTREME ULTRA into the system.
  5. Re-open the valve.
  6. Disconnect the cartridge from the external unit.
  7. Run the Air Conditioning or Refrigeration System in this condition for at least 30 minutes.

Have a look at the EXTREME ULTRA Leaflet for more information on Leak Stop for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

Extreme Ultra Additive

Watch the EXTREME ULTRA Video:


Performance Enhancer for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

COOL-SHOT ULTRA is the High-Performance Additive that improves the performances of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems with 6ml (0.20 fl oz) of product only. COOL-SHOT ULTRA produces colder air, faster. It is an environmentally friendly product since it reduces COemissions, it extends the life of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System and reduces maintenance costs. It acts quickly and reduces the vibrations and the noise of the compressor. COOL-SHOT ULTRA is composed of two Synthetic Catalysts and a Lubricating Agent which bring the systems to a state of maximum efficiency. It eliminates the Oil Fouling phenomenon, namely oil residues attached to the inner walls of the refrigeration lines that hinder the exchange of heat, isolating the Refrigerant Gas and reducing the performance of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System.

COOL-SHOT ULTRA acts as a catalyst without causing chemical changes in the Lubricant, it allows the Refrigerant Gas to flow in direct contact with the surfaces of the pipes to achieve an excellent improvement in performances: COOL-SHOT ULTRA produces colder air, up to 5°C (9°F) less, increases of 73% the heat exchange of the Refrigeration Lines, reduces the energy consumption of the Air Conditioner or Refrigeration System of at least 20%, increases of 54% the efficiency of the compressor lubricant prolonging its life by up to 50%, reduces the friction within the compressor thus reducing vibration and noise, it reduces maintenance costs by at least 20% and it is also fluorescent when exposed to any UV Light. COOL-SHOT ULTRA is suitable for every kind of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System, including the ones working with R134a and R1234yf.

Instructions for the use of COOL-SHOT ULTRA

Instructions for the use of COOL-SHOT ULTRA in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems:

  1. Insert COOL-SHOT ULTRA into the system (dilution in the Compressor Lubricant = 1:125 by volume).
  2. Start the Air Conditioning or Refrigeration System.
  3. During the normal activity COOL-SHOT ULTRA will bring the system to its maximum efficiency.

COOL-SHOT ULTRA must be used by a professional, with the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Have a look at the COOL-SHOT ULTRA Leaflet for more information on how to maintain or restore the efficiency of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

Cool Shot Ultra Additive

Watch the COOL-SHOT ULTRA Video:


Anti-Moisture for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

SUPER DRY ULTRA is the new dehydrating Additive able to prevent the formation of moisture and eliminate the one already present in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, avoiding the risk of corrosion and freezing in different areas of the System. The new ULTRA formulation is faster and more effective than the previous one. It allows to insert only 1/5 of the product to obtain the same results as Super Dry. It is compatible with all Refrigerant Gases, including CFC, HFC and HCFC and with all types of lubricants, with the exception of ammonia. It is also compatible with all ERRECOM Additives, allowing it to be combined with any other for a coordinated action. Its action is dual: it stabilises the lubricant and absorbs the formation of water at the same time. The absorption of water gives rise to a new lubricant that restores the lubricating capacities that may be lost by old or waste oil.

SUPER DRY ULTRA can be chosen to solve problems that occur in a system in operation or as a preventive action. In this second case it stabilises the lubricant exclusively and waits for any moisture to appear in the system in order to neutralise it. It circulates in the system thanks to the gas without altering its features and performances, it does not damage the gaskets and the internal parts of the Refrigeration System, it does not accumulate in the moisture filter. SUPER DRY ULTRA is to be used in 1:80 dilution of the lubricant volume.

  1. Once defined the appropriate amount of SUPER DRY ULTRA for your system according to the volume of the lubricant contained (data available among the features of the system), identify the low pressure service port, connect the syringe through a suitable adapter to the running system.
  2. Inject the product in the system with a firm and constant pressure until completion.
  3. Remove the Adapter and the Syringe.
  4. Let the system run for at least one hour.

SUPER DRY ULTRA presents no danger to the operator. However, it is advisable to let qualified personnel intervene on the system.

Have a look at the SUPER-DRY ULTRA Leaflet for more information on the Anti-Moisture Additive for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

Super Dry Ultra


Acid Neutraliser for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

NO-ACID ULTRA is the new neutraliser that completely eliminates acid residues in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems and reduces the level of moisture. It is more powerful than its previous version (No-Acid): its new formula neutralises and blocks the ions with only 1/5 of the volume that was preciously necessary. This allows the operator to use NO-ACID ULTRA together with other additives, reducing the volume change of the lubricant. The acidity in a system is normally generated by the natural decomposition of the gases and lubricants in it: these derivatives can react to the moisture that is normally present, forming organic, carbonic, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. Those latter have a very high aggressiveness towards the metals and cause the formation of leaks or the breaking of the compressor, in the most serious cases.

NO-ACID ULTRA is an excellent remedy thanks its double action of acidity regulator and humidity subtractor. We recommend using ERRECOM Acid-Test to determine the best amount of NO-ACID ULTRA to be used as a correction. Connect the adapter to the low pressure service port, then connect the syringe to the adapter, insert NO-ACID ULTRA into the system and let it run normally. In case of very high pressure, help yourself by pumping down. NO-ACID ULTRA must not be recovered: it works once inserted. Any excess of product remains in the system as a future prevention.

  • Low Acid Level (pH >6,8) 6ml (0.2 fl oz) of NO-ACID ULTRA each 2 litres (64 fl oz) lubricant;
  • Medium Acid Level (6,8 > pH > 5,2) 6ml (0.2 fl oz) of NO-ACID ULTRA each 1,5 litres (48 fl oz) lubricant;
  • High Acid Level (pH< 5,2) 6ml (0.2 fl oz) of NO-ACID ULTRA each 0,7 litres (24 fl oz) lubricant.

In case of very high acid levels, use an Acid-Test 15 minutes after having inserted NO-ACID ULTRA: if the acidity is still present, repeat the addition again, according to dosage.

After a treatment with NO-ACID ULTRA and in case of high acidity level, it is recommended to also add EXTREME ULTRA which is a Leak Stop for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems. This helps in preventing or stopping any micro leaks generated by acidity. NO-ACID ULTRA is a product for professional use, wear gloves and glasses during all phases of use.

Have a look at the NO-ACID ULTRA Leaflet for more information on the Acid Neutraliser for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.
No Acid Ultra Lubricant


Leak Stop for Refrigeration Systems with R600-R290

EXTREME WHITE ULTRA Leak Stop is the evolution of Extreme White: its particles, more effective, allow to insert only half of the volume of the previous version. EXTREME WHITE ULTRA is the optimal solution to permanently fix micro leaks in both rubber and metal parts of a System. Its formulation has been specifically designed and tested for refrigeration systems with R600 and R290. Its action is mechanical: it works by affinity without causing any kind of chemical reaction. EXTREME WHITE ULTRA is Polymer Free, so it does not react to oxygen or moisture. EXTREME WHITE ULTRA has been extensively tested on many brands of Compressors to ensure normal operation and the absence of risk of damage. It has also been shown that in many cases there is a reduction in the Compressor noise.

The nature of EXTREME WHITE ULTRA particles has been designed to be similar to Lubricant and Refrigerant Gases. EXTREME WHITE ULTRA does not stop in the moisture filter and does not accumulate in the expansion valve. Its action takes place while the system is working: the time to totally solve the problem depends on the size and shape of the leak. The product is stable and effective in the system for more than 5 years of real tests and has passed the pejorative simulation tests for more than 20 years.

EXTREME WHITE ULTRA for Refrigeration Systems has been specifically developed to be suitable for modern compressors that use very low viscosity lubricants, avoiding the alteration of the normal features of the lubricant in use. However, the dimensions and characteristics of the active particles remain unchanged. EXTREME WHITE ULTRA can also be used as a preventive protection to avoid the creation of micro leaks in the system. The effectiveness is constant throughout the life of the system.

  1. The system must be running while injecting EXTREME WHITE ULTRA.
  2. If you simply observed a decrease in terms of Refrigerant charge, restore the correct amount. Otherwise if the system has lost a lot of gas, recover the remaining gas in the recovery station, perform a vacuum.
  3. If the system keeps the vacuum for at least 5 minutes, the loss can be considered a “micro” one and you can go on with the operation.
  4. Fully recharge the Refrigerant Gas.
  5. In both conditions, turn on the system normally at this point, connect 1/4 SAE Adapter to the low pressure service port, then connect the EXTREME WHITE ULTRA syringe and steadily deliver the product into the system.
  6. Run the system normally. Check after an hour.

EXTREME WHITE ULTRA does not present any danger to the operator, but it is advisable to let qualified personnel intervene on the system.

Extreme White Ultra Additive