Watch the ERRECOM Video Playlist on all the solutions to solve the refrigerant gas leakage problem in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems. View the videos and contact us for a quote today!

Treatment to solve refrigerant gas leaks

AC/R RESTORING TREATMENT is the new ACR treatment to be used in all Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems up to 21 kW (6 TONS). This innovative solution is composed by the 4 Additives of the ULTRA Line (only 24 mL/0.8 fl oz all together), that can be inserted simultaneously as a single solution in the AC/R System. Thanks to AC/R RESTORING TREATMENT the AC/R System will be completely protected from Refrigerant Gas leaks and from the damages caused by the Oil-Fouling phenomenon, humidity and Acid formation.

External leak stop for refrigerant gas leaks up to 5 mm
EXTERNAL is a leak stop to be applied externally on refrigeration and air conditioning systems components. It is recommended for applications with flammable refrigerant gases. In these cases, welding is a very difficult operation: EXTERNAL let the operator intervene immediately even on this kind of systems, avoiding any scrapping.
Refrigerant gas leaks
Refrigerant gas leaks are not a problem anymore. Extreme Ultra efficiently and safely repairs the micro-leaks of the air conditioning systems of all Air conditioning systems. Extreme Ultra is a high performance leak-stop: only 6ml treat systems up to 21kW (6 TONS). Try it and solve the problem now.
3 ways to inject leak stop in the AC/R system
Refrigerant gas leaks are no longer a problem: EXTREME ULTRA effectively and safely repairs the micro-leaks of all kind of air conditioning systems! EXTREME ULTRA is a high-performance leak stop: only 6ml treats systems up to 21kW (6 TONS). Discover the 3 ways to easily inject it into the air conditioning system.
Repair refrigerant gas leaks in an Air Conditioning compressor
EASY INJECT KIT is a solution made in Errecom that helps to solve easily the leakages of refrigerant gas in an Air Conditioning system. The blister is composed of EXTREME ULTRA, an innovative leak-stop for refrigerant gas leaks, and EASY INJECT, an adapter that facilitates the insertion of the solution in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration system. Try it and solve the problem immediately.



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