Why do Compressors Fail?

We will post a few blog posts from Danfoss learning on why compressors fail to assist Technicians and Refrigeration Engineers in understanding the causes of compressor failures, their diagnosis, rectification and prevention.

There are 5 main reasons for compressor failure:

  1. Refrigerant Flood Back
  2. Flooded Starts
  3. Liquid Slugging
  4. Overheating
  5. Lack of Lubrication

The first 5 blog posts will cover the above topics and there will be further posts covering other causes of failure such as Moisture, Acids, Electrics and Dirt.

The answers to what caused a compressor to fail are, in 99.9% of cases, found inside the compressor. During the compressor strip down the evidence as to the cause will be revealed!

Simply replacing a failed compressor with a new compressor without finding out why the first compressor failed will most likely simply lead to another failed compressor.

We hope that the information in these blog posts will be of assistance to engineers in preventing unnecessary compressor failures in the future. Alternatively, you can have a look at our Danfoss Learning Page to view the booklets.

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